Tips for Choosing an Attractive & Functional Vanity Unit for Bathroom

Posted By Amy Wellington on Feb 19, 2015 |

A bathroom is touted to be the most esteemed and tranquilizing space in the house which needs further considerations and modifications. People in Melbourne tend to spend lavishly while designing this exquisite space. The importance lies in framing and utilizing the space assigned for bathroom in the best possible way. Remodeling your bathroom may lead you towards the formation of the perfect dream infrastructure inside your house. A small space like bathroom seems quite facile while designing but by adding the appropriate bathroom furniture like vanity units is ideal.

Vanity units

A vanity unit not only replaces the traditional basin pedestal but also presents and stores the bathroom amenities in an elegant and luxurious manner. It also serves a stylish yet compatible piece of furniture for the bathroom.  The vanity unit is generally coupled with a basin and a space for storage in numerous ways. The utility and gentility of the bathroom is both enhanced and surpassed with the aid of vanity units. At present, diverse options for designing a vanity unit according to your requirement are available which are highly beneficial. The size and shape of the unit mainly depends on the space available for installing it. Also the position and stature of the mirror inside your bathroom influences the match for the vanity unit.

The vanity units hides all your bathroom toiletries in a great manner and also creates a surface for your basin simultaneously. When it comes to spacious bathroom, wall hung vanity units seem to be a sound option. But if you run out of space, the option of installing a corner vanity unit can create surplus area for storage. Choosing the right attractive and practical vanity unit compliments the bathroom completing it in every way.

Culling the right Vanity Unit for your bathroom

The prime advantage of installing a vanity unit is the invention of more space. For the bathrooms which suffer with lack of storage zone, vanity units come to their rescue. The size of the vanity unit is determined by the amount of amenities to be stored and the number of people going to use the space. Many people go straight for pre made vanity units as they are cheaper and also compliment the bathroom environment. They are accessible in different colors, designs, patterns and combinations to serve their purpose. But if your requirement exceeds the normal checklist, a custom made vanity unit comes to your aid. Though it would cost a little bit higher, but it will satisfy your creative and imaginative qualms. Vanity units can be freestanding, wall mounted or console according to their position in the bathroom. When the floor area available is quite less, you can opt the wall hung vanity units instead of console or free standing units.

The size of the vanity unit comes in full depth or semi recessed terms. Commonly, a full depth vanity unit of length 400mm is employed in sized bathrooms. But due to space considerations, a semi recessed unit can solve your query quite easily. The tops of the vanity units are available in two ways:  moulded one piece or solid surface. The moulded vanity units are attached to the basin on the centre or offside and free space on the either side. Whereas solid top vanity units are found to be expensive and are made from caesarstone type material. Here the benchtop and the basin are installed with one another.