Steps to Choose a Perfect Interior for Your Home

Posted By Amy Wellington on Apr 20, 2015 |


Interiors of a house speak manifold about the personality of its owner. It is also possible to decipher the characters of an individual room owner by viewing its maintenance and colour scheme. For example, a youth’s room is likely to have vibrant colours such as yellow, blue and green, in comparison to sober shades in their parents’ room. On similar lines, the way things are stacked or scattered can help differentiate between a boy and a girl’s room.

It is not possible for everyone to hire an interior designer in this day and age. However, colour schemes and a clutter-free look can still be created with a little bit of imagination. Look up magazines and websites to identify designs that would go well with your home. It would be wise to store appealing images in a folder and then periodically go through them to get the overall picture. Spend some time over this and on seeing the results, you may find visitors looking around the house and trying to find the number of your interior designer.

Choosing the right colour scheme can be tough for most. Look at the creative board that you have saved in a folder and see what best suits your mood. Shades of colour would also determine the brightness quotient of a room. Light shades such as white, yellow and light blue will bring out the brightness of a room better than brown and green. Even if you have chosen a single colour scheme such as white, you can have different shades within the same colour for different rooms in the house.

To create the appropriate texture, shades need to be complemented with matching textiles and patterns. The use of velvet chairs, shiny cushions and woven baskets make the colours come alive. Also keep in mind that certain textures may not be advisable, depending on the inhabitants of the home. As an example, there is no use in putting a silk sofa at a house which has a 3-year old child and a dog, since you would end up cleaning it most of the time.

Many people make the mistake of having too many furniture pieces of the same time within one room. Instead of this, you should buy furniture pieces of variable sizes which can soothe the eye instead of confusing it. A large sofa, a few skirted chairs and some comfortable arm chairs can be used in the drawing room, for example. It will give the place a balanced and clutter-free look.

The same rule is applied to accessories as well. Too many chest of drawers or cabinets will end up giving a store room look. Other accessories such as gold trays, candles and books on tables can jazz up the entire appearance. Baskets are considered to be gorgeous decorative tools and they are also capable of hiding clutter. Then, of course, for a wonderful whiff of fragrance or fresh air, flowers are always welcome. Depending on available space, flowers can be stocked either in decorative vases or pots.

The above are just some general rules to follow while making the interiors of a house. However, you can always add your own creative touch and do something new. In the end, you may just be pleasantly surprised with your own efforts.