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The History of Art

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Art can acquire various forms and spread its existence and utility to a phenomenal number of arenas of human life and living. U 4 Art elucidates some of these. This is a resource blog for all art lovers and enthusiasts in Australia who wish to acquaint themselves with the artists’ knacks and the innovators’ skill to showcase and use artwork diversely. We write on home interiors, designing and fixtures, pottery and painting and professional art and exhibition, forming a helpful DIY source for all the creative heads and hands around. Along with...

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Kitchen Renovation: The Essentials You Need To Know

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Are you thinking about doing a kitchen renovation? Do you know what you need and what you should do? Do you have a kitchen design already? What are you plans for the new kitchen? There are many questions that a person must ask themselves when they are thinking about kitchen renovation of french provincial kitchens in Melbourne. There are those that think that kitchen renovation is a one weekend kind of work but the truth is, it can take a long period of time to get it right. In fact, there are designs that can take months to complete hence...

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Amazing Art Video

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Art can be created in different forms. Most of it is highly inspirational for the viewers. There are different ways in which natural art can be utilized. Sometimes it is suitable for creation of modern designs. On the other hand, one of the ways in which art can be illustrated is by the use of clay and the pottery wheel. Using these, amazing designs can be made and changed, as seen in this unique video. Such art requires phenomenal skills and creativity on behalf of the artist. The visual appeal of this art is much higher than most normal art...

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Awesome Modern Designs

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Homemakers alert! In the interest of all those who like to stick around your own little corner of the town, everything written in here by our well-informed and passionate writers, is dedicated to learning to decorate and redecorate that home of yours. From arranging and organizing stuff, to getting yourself new ones, fixing lights or placing fixtures, get introduced to innovative and creative homemaking as an art in itself. Whether you want to spend bucks buying ready-made things from the market, or wish to go in for DIY, find tips,...

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Interior Design : A Guest’s Bedroom

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There are some ways to enhance the look of a guest bedroom, so that any guest feels thrilled to stay at your home. A few basic interior design tips will make sure that the guest leaves with a good feeling from your house. An example of tips for an ideal guest bedroom is inclusion of fresh clean sheets, towels and other linen. In this video, interior designer Rebecca Robeson states some of the requirements she considers as must-haves in a guest bedroom. As such bedrooms are not used fairly often, they tend to be a little smelly. Home owners...

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How to Make a Flower Girls Dress at Home

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An interesting video on how to Make a Flower Girls Dress at home or you may choose to buy it online from many of the stunning websites available online. Check out Flower Girl dresses by Cinnamon Girls they have a great collection of Flower girl, little girls dresses online.

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LED Lighting for the Home

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A home decor is incomplete without Proper lighting. The lighting fixtures plays an important role is styling and designing your home decor. It not only sets a peaceful mood accordingly to stay happy but also conveys warmth in the home. Various LED lights are available in market but Ambient lightings, accent lightings, and task lightings are the three types of lighting fixtures which are mostly used at home to match your interiors. All lighting fixtures doesn’t suit all the rooms, each room vary accordingly like ambient lights are perfect for...

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Make Them Want It: How To Blog About Your Art

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Art can be found in any form. You can create something as simple as a clay figure and you can feel like an artist. But that is truly not professional art. Professional art is all about creating something that is exhibitioned to a huge number of people. People become artists because they want to show their artistic and creative side to the society. But how to do this? There are several online blogs available all over the internet that can be followed quite easily so as to learn various tips and tricks about becoming a reliable and responsible...

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Learn How to Install LED Light Strips with Keeler’s Light Integrated Trim (LIT)

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LED lightings have always been an impressive piece of decorations ever since its invention. Be it the lighting of the city during some festival to domestic events illuminations to dazzle the get up has been easier with LED lights. Newer adaptation of LED strips has made the installations even easier especially to frame up your ceiling or highlight your baseboard with some bold fluoresce; you can even apply these easily at the inside of you cabinet to give them the extra lighting and your household the added glimmer. Here is a precise DYI that...

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LED Light Fixtures for Homes : LED Lighting Tips

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This video is dedicated to LED lighting fixtures in the home. If one is looking for LED lighting fixtures, many options are available. Among important tips, the narrator suggests that LEDs must be used in areas where frequent replacement is not possible. An example of such an area is the stairwell, where a ladder may need to be used. The advantages of LED lights are that they consume less electricity, produce more light and have a longer life than conventional lights. Other places to install LED lights are shops and garages, where a lot of...

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