Learn How to Install LED Light Strips with Keeler’s Light Integrated Trim (LIT)

Posted By Amy Wellington on Sep 1, 2015 |

LED lightings have always been an impressive piece of decorations ever since its invention. Be it the lighting of the city during some festival to domestic events illuminations to dazzle the get up has been easier with LED lights. Newer adaptation of LED strips has made the installations even easier especially to frame up your ceiling or highlight your baseboard with some bold fluoresce; you can even apply these easily at the inside of you cabinet to give them the extra lighting and your household the added glimmer. Here is a precise DYI that helps you understand the installation process of LED strips; it’s simple. You need pick up a LED strip roll from market and mounting bracket with transparent covers preferably little designed and some generic tools like a plier, a drill, bunch of screw and you’re all set to renew the appeal of your house.